The Aragonite calcium is a tri-calcium product with two-thirds immediately available to plants.
The calcium in Raw Aragonite is pre-digested so it is 60% immediate absorbable to the plants. This availability means that the aragonite calcium will be used before the ag lime calcium which has a slow breakdown. The supply is unlimited AND VERY REASONABLY PRICED.

The magnesium in Raw Aragonite is less than 1% which means that the magnesium will not tie up the soil nutrients. Farmers should have 7 times more calcium than magnesium in their soils to produce optimum nutrient uptake by the plants and that is because plants use seven times more calcium than magnesium. You can use aragonite and gypsum to use up excessive magnesium.

After five years of field applications in PA., there is no change in the soil’s Ph.. This is due to the fast usage of the aragonite calcium. It is assumed that an application of 500#’s per acre or less will not carry over to the next year. Although, Raw Aragonite has a very active calcium, Raw Aragonite is sold as a nitrogen product because of the massive amount of aerobic bacteria. Dry Aragonite is available for just the calcium users but it cost more.

The calcium gets into the plant tissue within 7 days. This means that plant cells will be stronger and resist many mildews, rusts, blights, insect pressures and storm damage.
INSECTIDIDES AND HERBICIDES ARE ONLY AS EFFECTIVE AS THE PLANT UTILIZATION OF CALCIUM. Base saturation percentage should be in the high eighties for CA.

Calcium has never been heavily promoted for plant growth but it is a very, very important cation for plant health. As plants take in the macro nutrients, i.e. phosphates, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium, the micro nutrients are “piggybacked” into the plant. The plants only accept the macro nutrients into the plants. The micro nutrients, i.e. sulfur, boron, manganese, zinc, etc. are negative charged and connect to the macro nutrients positive charges, called cations for entry into the plants. Most of the nutrient value of the plant is carried into the plant by calcium.

Not only does one get more nutrient dense food products but the stems and roots are stronger and healthier which means that plants are more resistant to storm damage, insects and blights.

With more weight in the seed, you get more bushel per acre if you are a row crop grower.

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