Raw Aragonite (a-rag-o-nite) is the purest Calcium Carbonate in the world; Whatever the application, nothing out-performs Raw Aragonite.


Recent analytical testing of Raw Aragonite shows that there are 250,000 Aerobic bacteria per GRAM which is a very high amount. Aerobic bacteria is responsible for nitrogen fixation from the 70,000 pounds (35 tons) of raw nitrogen (in the form of N2) over each acre of soil. Aerobic bacteria ingests the N2 nitrogen and leaves nitrates in the soil when it dies. Nitrates are very stable in the soil. They do not disseminate into the air like chemical nitrogen and you do not need nitrogen preservation costs. For the same price of only nitrogen, you can use Raw Aragonite and get nitrogen, calcium, sea trace minerals and micro-nutrients.

Raw Aragonite also inhibits the ammonium loss by absorbing the nitrogen into the physical aragonite. THEREFORE, reducing the need of chemical nitrogen stabilizers.

At 250,000 bacteria per GRAM, that’s 113,500,000 bacteria per pound of Raw Aragonite applied at 400 pounds per acre, it would be 45.4 billion nitrate producing bacteria per acre or over one million bacteria per square foot. Another great attribute of Raw Aragonite is that the bacteria is producing soil nitrates 24 hours per day, not just when the weather conditions dictates when plants can grow. The food source carbon for the bacteria is the aragonite or any organic matter in the field.


When you purchase raw aragonite, you are receiving calcium that is soluble and can be spread in the Spring or Fall. Raw Aragonite goes to work the moment it comes in contact with the soil. Raw Aragonite has 37% calcium, less than 1% Magnesium with an array of micro-nutrients like boron, sulfur and zinc. Also, it has the rich, sea trace minerals.

Since Raw Aragonite is predigested by the sea creatures, it has a high absorbability to the plants. Aragonite in its raw state (not heat dried) brings to the soil some fantastic biological benefits. We have seen on countless farms that by appling the Raw Aragonite to the soil, we are able to limit the amount of fertilizer that is needed to grow a quality crop. Raw Aragonite can be used with any ROW CROP, VEGETABLE, PASTURE, HAY FIELD, LAWN OR GOLF COURSE.

Testimonial plant tissue results shows that the Raw Aragonite’s calcium is absorbed into the plant within seven days. This is a faster accumulated rate than liquid calcium because this calcium, continually, comes up through the roots of the plants. With over FIVE years consecutive field applications, there has been no change in the soils Ph.


The application of Raw Aragonite is with a lime spreader or fertilizer buggy. To encourage the continual reproduction of the Aerobic bacteria, it is delivered with a 3% to 5% moisture content. Application rate varies from 400#’s per acre for grasses and small grains; 500#’s for soybeans and corn is 650#’s per acre. If you are going back to back on corn, apply 750#’s per acre.

The Raw Aragonite calcium will be used before the soil calcium will be used because of the ease for plants to utilize it. Ag lime needs time to break down for plant utilization. If weather conditions are bad for optimum plant growth, it is common knowledge that one can apply either nitrogen or calcium to force a plant to grow. Raw Aragonite has both nitrates and calcium to provide continued growth during these periods. The plants will be more resistant to blights and fungus infections since they will be healthier. Insect pressure will be less due to the tighter cell structures of the plants.

Raw Aragonite is delivered in 50# bags, one ton tote bags or 23-25 ton semi dump truck. Delivery to your location is within two weeks.

For more information and price, call Frank at 816-215-9925

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