Testimonies of Raw Aragonite Usage in the Central US

Raw Aragonite was introduced in Missouri during 2009.

Danny M. of LaPlata, Mo purchased a ton of Raw Aragonite and used it in his garden and pasture. His cattle were eating the grass to the ground while leaving the 6″ grass in the same pasture. His garden was the only garden around him that did not get tomato blight.

Troque Farms baled 16 5-6 round bales of two year old Alfalfa hay on May 15, 2009. Applied 450#’s of Raw Aragonite and the second cutting, just 40 days later produced 26 5-6 round bales. The third cutting produced 16 round bales and the fourth cutting went into small square bales.

In PA., a vegetable grower does weekly tissue samples for the Brix levels in his produce. He noticed that his reading showed the calcium was “below average” so he applied Raw Aragonite and on his next testing, the calcium was “above average”. Remember that this is a tissue test.

Raymond C. told me that the horses were eating all the hay in the hay ring as he delivered more hay bales. This hay was from the Raw Aragonite applied fields.

Darrell A. of Excelsior Springs, Mo applied 200#’s of Raw Aragonite per acre last fall to keep his Alfalfa from winter killing. This Spring, he said that his Alfalfa was really looking good with no winter kill.

Michelle W. of Silex, Mo stated that her vegetable seeds sprouted so much better by using this product. (It makes sense because of the bacteria and fungi that is associated with it.)

Troque Farms reported that he was feeding his cow/calf herd three round bales a day in December, 2009. One day there was 1.5 round bales that was not eaten. This happened a couple of days in a row. Upon investigation, they discovered that they had been feeding hay from aragonite applied hay fields and had started feeding hay from non-aragonite applied hay fields. After reshuffling the stored hay, the cows received two aragonite hay bales and one non-aragonite hay bale. The breeding herd ate the aragonite hay and the yearlings had to eat the non-aragonite hay.

An organic Milo grower in Abiline, Ks stated that his milo was 6″ taller all through the growing season.

A Missouri Amishman vegetable grower applied one ton of Aragonite per acre (liken to Ag Lime) and he locked up his calcium intake by the plants. Vegetables only need 400 lbs. per acre.

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